Timeless elegance


Timeless elegance

The Giza bracelet is an exclusive jewel made by Bakr Jewelry.

A revolutionary design that combines the soft shape of a wired tennisbracelet with the robustness and linearity of the turned ones. 

A new bezel concept leads to a graduated section inspired by the shape of themajestic pyramid of Egypt, with the elegance and softness that only this jewel can express.


The special clasp structure makes the bracelet doubly secure and permits to engrave the characteristics of the mounted diamonds .

Entirely handmade and available from 6.00 carats.

Starting from 10 carats this bracelets is composed by international certified diamonds with laser inscription on the stone’s girdle, all visible from the same side under a microscope.

Wear a jewel that tells your story with elegance and refinement.

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